Rewind Bingo uses a no deposit credit for a registered player to try the site. If this meets with the players approval, the first deposit is matched up to £100 and any further deposits are matched up to 50%.

One unique bonus is the ‘pick a ball for life’ and if this number gives the player a bingo they will receive a bonus of up to £50,000.

The player can refer a friend and if the friend opens a cash account the referring player gets a small bonus. There is a loyalty program that results in a lottery.

Rewind Bingo Promotions

Examples of promotions on Rewind Bingo are items like MegaPot Monthly Promotions, Pot of Gold, Marvelous Mums and Bingo Ball.

A player can also play side games in addition to the bingo games. The bingo games come in 75-ball and 90-ball versions of bingo.

Advance bingo card purchases are available for players that are too busy to stay online all of the time.

This is a great way to make sure you are in a specific game that you do not want to miss. Every month the site has special promotions for their player enjoyment that keeps them coming back.

Rewind promotions must have worked, as the site got 2nd place in the new bingo site competition for the year2009.

Promotions can be for larger jackpots or just a daily game for a month with an average jackpot, nothing special in size.

Promotions are the key to any good site and this is absolutely true for Rewind Bingo. As always with any site, players do come up with questions that they want answered.

At Rewind this is easily done via live chat. The deposit and withdrawal rules are covered in the terms and conditions that should be read so the player understands the rules for either.

The rules are unique to each site and there are no fast rules that are going to be on every site. This is especially true for the rules about withdrawals.


Rewind is an award winning bingo site, which becomes obviously apparent when a player is online for a session or two.

The games, particularly the chat room games are run well and offer some very decent money prizes. Other promotions are constantly being featured each month.

The bonus program is fair to the players and not over the top like some sites. As stated before the terms and conditions control the withdrawal rules for money being sent home.

As always there are questions that come up and they can be answered via live chat.

This site is certainly worth using their trial play to see if you like the site for further playing sessions.