Ever since it’s launch back in 2016, Lovehearts Bingo has been famed for its range of promotion codes and bingo bonuses.

The very best of these bonuses even culminates in the chance to play many a bingo no deposit game to play for prizes of up to £50!

With these amazing bingo free bonuses up for grabs every 15 minutes, there should be nothing holding you back from getting busy with the site that doesn’t cost-a-lot.

New members also benefit on Loveheartsbingo.com from a brilliant no deposit bonus and a welcome bingo free bonus for deposits greater than £10 when you enter the code BIG300.

Getting all their newbies off to a good start, with so much free money coming your way on Loveheartsbingo.com, who needs external bingo promotional codes?

Lovehearts Bingo Functionality and Types of Games

As with many of the online bingo halls now available, Lovehearts Bingo offers a choice of either the British traditional 90 ball bingo, or the American 75 ball games where you have to match the game pattern to win the jackpot.

Either way, on Loveheartsbingo.com you can stand to win a range of jackpots reaching as high as £3,000 with cards for the Lovehearts Crazy game costing from as little as 25p.

In addition, there are a number of guaranteed jackpot games which take place daily, weekly and monthly and all the money has to go!

The guaranteed jackpot game Lovehearts Fiesta held every Monday at 9pm has a prize pot of £1,500 and here tickets are only 10p.

Tempting enough for even those with a tight bingo budget, win this game and you will indeed be in the party mood.

User Feedback and Other Information

Lovehearts Bingo is a fun web site which is simple to navigate your way around. It’s easy to understand and even has a bonus Online Bingo News section to keep you up to date with all sorts of interesting information you never thought you’d need to know.

For instance, did you know that bingo online is one of the few industries remaining relatively unaffected by the current recession?

Signing up with Lovehearts Bingo promo code is a relatively simple process and doesn’t take an age, nor does it try to record too much information about you.

In fact, you can be signed up and ready to play your first bingo free bonus game within a matter of minutes. Happy days!