Diva Bingo has the correct name for the site. Almost every aspect of the site is Diva. It is a players site and the success it enjoys proves the point.

The bonuses are big enough, the games are attractive and the site is visually stimulating.

Bonuses start with free cards to the new player that just registered an account. The free cards are for a bingo trial.

Diva Bingo Promotions

The first deposit is matched up to £100 free. Other later deposits are matched up to 50%.

The other big bonus program is the loyalty point program that rewards players for their active play.

Put all of these bonus programs together and the player has a real money reason to give the site a try.

If the player has a friend that they refer and the referred player opens an account, the player that referred to new player receives 5,000 loyalty points.

The other reason to play at Diva Bingo is the large number of games that are presented to the player for play. The prizes cover a wide range of jackpots.

The top prize is a game with a jackpot possibility of £1,000,000 If the winner gets the bingo with in the low number of calls they will get the Diva prize.

If the game goes past that number, the jackpot drops to £1,500.

The other games are not as rich, but do feature jackpots that are worth winning.

The range of game prizes is worth studying for other plays.

Among the other games, there are unique games that are interesting to play.

One such reward is for three players at the end of each month, to get their gas, electricity and water bill paid.

Another game;s prize is a flatscreen 42″ TV for the winner.

Players are not likely to walk by this kind of attractive number of games. Couple this with the bonus program and it is easy to see why this site is successful.


Diva is a great bingo site with a many reasons to give it a try.

The bonuses are eye catching and get players to try the site. The games that are played online keep the players playing many sessions.

Bonuses and featured games are ample reasons for the site to do well with players that are attracted to the promotions.

This combination of winners is what make this site as successful as it is. Players that see the games and bonuses are willing to give the site a try.

Both elements are making the site a magnet to players that are looking for a bingo site to make their home.

This works very well for Diva Bingo with the players and their willingness to play