Dino Bingo – deposit £10 as a newly registered player and receive free tickets. This is plenty of money to try the site and see if a player likes Dino Bingo.

When the player deposits the second time the matching bonus is 25% up to £100.

The bingo promotions are varied from weekly specials to much bigger monthly promotions.

Dino Bingo Promotions

A look at the website shows a number of specials now going on and the obvious point is that Dino Bingo has a real handle on giving players what they are looking for in games and prizes.

There are promotions for every day of the week for players to sign up for and play.

So players have daily specials, weekly and monthly specials that include both 75-ball and 90-ball games.

Dino Bingo has a reputation for offering or featuring bingo games that are popular with the many players that visit their bingo site.

There are a huge range of prizes that a player can try to win during the month.

The game that an individual player goes after could be a daily game or a weekly or monthly game.

Dino Bingo Games

It does not matter which game the player tries to win. It is the prize money that is important.

Players that play on this site have a number of game types to choose from as well as the large range of jackpots.

Some of the monthly promotions carry some prizes with significant amounts of money to be won.

Large amounts of money to go after will bring players to as site.

Dino Bingo has been using this gambit to attract players for a long time in the competition for new players.

Money in large numbers is a wonderful method to get players to try a site and then continue to play after the trial.

Coming to play and then to stay is a sign that the promotions are working to the websites benefit.

In this case with Dino, the proof is in the continued success that the site enjoys with its players.


It is not hard to see why the website Dino Bingo is as popular with players as it has proven to be for a long time.

The games have prize money, a range of game types and are interesting to play.

This combination of benefits that the site games offer to the players is enough to keep players coming back for more.

There are many reasons for a player to continue playing on this site that have to do with the game types and prizes.

Excellent chances to win significant money is a very good reason to come back time and again to try and win a bingo game and the associated prize.