With an ambience of sophistication, Bringo Bingo puts a huge amount of effort into ensuring that the cut above the rest image they advertise is continued throughout the entire website.

The quality of their promotional codes do indeed reflect this, and with a £25 bingo free bonus for newcomers depositing £10 and a 50% reload bonus as standard, it’s a wise player who invests in this site.

In addition, players can also take advantage of the free bingo games on offer. Take a look at the Power Penny tab for a quick pick me up, and see why this bingo online site is in a different class.

With lucky dip games where you can take home an iPad or a staggering £250 you can’t tell what spending a penny with Bringo could lead to!

Bringo Bingo Functionality and Types of Games

There’s plenty of chat opportunites over at Bringo – check out their new Chatterbox room for example which you’ll find at the 5p tab.

Of course there’s so much to gossip about at Bringo after all with games like Dreams of £1m on Friday nights! What else is guaranteed to get everyone excited other than a truly life-changing amount like this?

User Feedback and Other Information

Offering both 90 ball games and 75 ball games as well as a range of instant win games such as slots, high low games and scratch cards, not forgetting casino games, there is plenty to offer on Bringobingo.com – catering for a range of tastes and preferences with their promo codes.

The interface is extremely user friendly, and is ideal for those who are both new to internet gambling and for more experienced players alike. The registration process is straight forward.

There is even a Bringo Bingo FAQ section to help you if you’re unsure about something, and the game playing process should be easy for anyone to understand.

Bringo Bingo is part of a multiple gaming operation that include bingo, poker, casino and lotto. This is a big plus for the player that likes these other forms of gaming as well as bingo.

When a new player registers an account, the site gives them ten free bingo cards. The bonus on the first deposit is matched at 100% and 50% on all succeeding deposits.

The most that can be matched in either case is £100.

The site also has a refer a friend bonus and a loyalty program. Both of these programs will give small bingo bonuses if the player meets the requirements.

Bringo Bingo Promotions

The other attractive promotions that are offered are a series of games that have a range of prizes starting with a top prize on a cover all game of £1,000,000 if the winner bingos with in a limited number of calls.

When the calls go over the limited number the jackpot drops to a jackpot of £500 to £1500 depending on which game is being played.

There are three of these games each week. There are other smaller promotions like pay the bills games and a guaranteed game every day with a jackpot of £100.

The list is fairly large of games that are offered, with the prizes and the time for each game.

As with other bingo sites, this bingo site has a set of rules for how deposits and withdrawals will be handled. Every site has its own terms and conditions.

The sites have little in common with each other as far as the rules are concerned.

The differences are some are very fair and some have restrictions that are down right confiscatory.

In any event it is smart for players on any site to read the rules and be prepared for the requirements for withdrawals.

These rules are absolutely put in cement and cannot be changed for any player.


Bringo Bingo is an unusual site in that it offers more gaming options than the typical bingo site.

This is a plus for some players as they like to play in more gaming situations than just bingo by itself.

The bingo game schedule has enough variety that players are not going to be easily bored on this site.

The bonus is attractive for those that want to get more bang for their money that they deposit.

Bonus money helps to stretch a players playing money a little further.

Eventually some one will get exceptionally lucky and win the cover all million game.

How ever the players that play it are bucking very high odds of getting a bingo in the limited number of calls.

The best that can be said for the site is that i offers some very good chances to win some money.