New players are given a £50 matching bonus if they deposit £50. Bingo Bonuses are not the reason to play at BingoZino, it is the site to play due to the games that are offered to players.

A perfect example is the current daily game that is being played this month that gives players a chance to win £10,000.

A daily prize of this size is something other sites have a hard time staying up with.

Players that are avid bingo players have many choices on this site that are worth playing. Not all have huge prizes, but the games do offer reasonable prizes.

Bingozino online has many other side games as well as a lot of different bingo games.

Bingozino Promotions

The side games include slots, casino games and Vegas games. Some of the slot games have very juicy prizes that are attractive to players looking to make a score.

Big money games at Bingozino are the standard for this very busy bingo site.

Players will have a very hard time getting bored at Bingozino as there are just way to many choices for players to try.

The bonus money may be small when compared to other sites, but that does no seem to matter at this very successful bingo site.

There are special games being offered almost every day of the week. Some have very big jackpots, but all of them have prizes that players will play for.

It is interesting that in the era of free games and big bonuses that a site like Bingozino can compete by just featuring terrific games for their players.

Bingozino does have one big advantage over other sites,which is the fact that this UK bingo site is also a big force in live bingo halls throughout England.

The name is well known and trusted by players in the UK.


BingoZino is one of the most recognized names in online bingo and has been since it first went public.

Their name was bingo associated from years of running live bingo halls in all parts of the British Isles.

When Bingozino went live on the Internet, the site had a built in following to make the site get off to a running start.

Players knew that Bingozino ran great games live and so it followed that they would continue doing so on the Net. This has been true since the beginning of their online play.

Like Chitchat the name Bingozino preceded the online bingo site. This is an outstanding advantage for any bingo site.

This advantage, plus the fact that Bingozino is very well financed online bingo site plays well in the games that they can offer. So come and stay and play a while at Bingozino.