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Bingo Fest

Bingo Fest
Registration Free Spin Promotions and any other Register Free Bonuses are intended as a trial period to new customers and are subject to a minimum wagering requirement of 99 times (99x) their value.
$20 No Deposit Bingo Bonus + 20 Free Spins
Launch date: 1996

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Reviews of Bingo Fest show that the site has excellent games and a bonus program the is very attractive. A new player registers an account and gets 20 free bingo cards and 1000 loyalty points.

On the first deposit the player receives a matching bonus of up to 500%. All further deposits receive a matching bonus of 500%.

If a player refers a friend that opens a cash account, the player doing the referral receives 5,000 loyalty points.

The other facet of Bingo Fest is the promotion of the featured games that are presented online. The range of prizes is a wide group going from huge jackpots to reasonable prizes that are still worth winning.

Bingo Fest Promotions

There are straight cash prize games and games that payoff in merchandise like a Flatscreen 42″ TV. There is one game that could make a player an instant millionaire. there are others that just have nice prizes.

When a player considers the bonus money and the games that are offered on Bingo Fest, it is apparent that the combination of the two make this bingo site one that could be fun to play on.

It is the combination that makes this site a winner among players. Either one by itself would not be as powerful as the pair of elements are together.

Players are after both elements and when they find a site that offers both they are willing to give the site a chance for a few sessions.

As always the suggestion is read the terms and conditions to see what the rules are for withdrawals.

Every site has its own rules and few sites have the same rules. It is one element of bingo sites that do not make any sense, as sites could come up with rules that are consistent.

Don’t hold your breath until this happens.


The bonus and the games are ample reason to try the site. It is not hard to find single reasons and multiple reasons to get off the dime and visit this site.

Money and captivating are both part of the attraction to Bingo Fest.

Players that are looking for bingo sites to play on have a real problem these days as there are so many sites online that it is kind of like looking for single grain in a pile of grains.

This is getting more difficult every month as more and more bingo sites open up every month.

This profusion of sites is muddying the waters so to speak as new sites offer some real deals to new players in bonus money and the games they offer.

Suggestion for now is stick with the better older sites until the shake out of new sites is completed.

Bingo Fest
Bingo Fest
Bingo Fest