Alternative Deposit Methods

Put that credit card away! This is why you should be using an e-wallet. If you are serious about playing bingo online you will need to get yourself an e-wallet.

An e-wallet is a third party company which allows you to add, withdraw, and transfer funds into an online account.

You put your money into your e-wallet using a credit card or bank account, you transfer your money into the bingo site you want to use, you transfer your winnings back into the e-wallet, you withdraw the money from the e-wallet.

This may seem like an extra step, but it is worthwhile. Why not just use your credit card and skip the whole e-wallet business, you ask?

First of all there is withdrawals. You plan on winning, right? You cannot withdraw on to your credit card. You need to ask for a cheque and wait weeks for it to arrive.

It is easy, on the other hand, to make transfers from your e-wallet to your bank account – or use your e-wallet AS a bank account for you to use to make other online transactions.

Secondly, online bingo sites prefer to work with an e-wallet and will often give you an extra bonus if you deposit using one. They will give you extra money so that they can deal with an e-wallet that they know and are associated with, as this will save them time and often transaction fees.

And finally, most credit card companies don’t like you making deposits to online gambling websites. They will often give you a hassle for doing so – usually claiming worries about fraud. However, they nor your bank account will give you trouble for making transactions with a reputable e-wallet.

With an e-wallet you make the bingo site happy, you make your credit card company happy, you make your bank happy, and once you learn how to use it you will make yourself happy.

Everyone wins.

Depositing funds to your Online Bingo Account

As many online bingo players are aware, depositing funds into your online bingo accounts has become a bit of a chore.

With the inception of the governments feelings that terrorism funding has been used through the internet, many large credit card companies and banking institutions will no longer allow the transfer of funds from YOUR bank to any gaming institution on the internet.

To combat this, there has been an influx of online money transferring companies to aid you with your depositing transactions. Some of the companies however do charge fees which you, the bingo player, must incur.

In this article, I hope to help you find your way around the online banking world to aid you with your funding abilities for gaming.

Neteller is by far, the leading company in the world of online bingo. With Neteller, you are able to transfer monies from your credit card or banking institution to your Neteller account. You are then able to transfer your monies from Neteller to your online bingo account.

In most cases, you will be charged a fee for transferring the monies into your Neteller account but will not be charged to transfer monies from your Neteller account to your online bingo account. With Neteller, you can also apply for a Cash Card with which you can use in any ATM machine or POS Terminal.

PayPal is another commonly used online method of transferring monies into your online bingo account. With PayPal, the only requirement is that you have a checking account registered with them.

You use PayPal just as you would write a check. You write a check to PayPal and then transfer monies from PayPal using your personal identification number, into your online bingo account. Yes, there are fees associated with PayPal but they are not too bad.

WebMoney is fast become very popular as well. They, like PayPal, will require you to register your checking account and write checks to them to transfer to your online bingo account. There are no fees associated with writing checks through citadel.

Prepaid ATM is another means of depositing funds into your online bingo account. With prepaid ATM, you are issued a card with which you transfer monies to and then use to fund your online bingo account. The process is very simple and the costs are minimal.

InstaDebit is much like Neteller. Members can deposit to and withdraw from their accounts using credit cards, bank accounts and wire transfers.

With InstaDebit, you can also apply for a cash card with which you can use in any ATM machine or POS Terminal. Again, there are fees associated with InstaDebit and you will earn more spending privileges over time.

GiroPay is another means to fund your online bingo account. In recent times, GiroPay has added new features including an online wallet with which you can add funds to and transfer to your online bingo account.

GiroPay y has long been a favorite for some as they also will allow charges to incur to your phone bill instead of from your checking account. However, they do have limits so be sure to be aware of these limits before using.

SOFORT is much like Instadebit. Very simple. Just write a check and have the funds transferred to your online bingo account!

On Demand Funds allows you to fund your account using a checking account or credit card and even your telephone. Web deposits will not incur charges but phone charges will. This company will have you up and running in minutes.

Now, as for my suggestions: Set up accounts with EVERYONE. By doing this, you will never be at a loss of how to fund your online bingo account. Withdrawing from your online bingo account to one of your depositing institutions will be simple as well.

I also suggest that you use the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS for all of your online accounts including your online bingo account as this is one method for the companies to identify who you are.

Click2Pay – Click2Pay is ready when you are! All you have to do is log in to your personal account. You can then pay conveniently at all Click2Pay partner websites with your personal login. Your password guarantees that your data remains confidential. Signing up to this service is free of charge to users

UseMyBank – This is a very popular online banking institution for our Canadian friends. With this company, you can use a credit/debit card or your checking account and all personal information is kept between UseMyBank and you. The gaming company just receives the funds in your name.

PaySpark – PaySpark is an internet banking institution where the consumer can deposit money into their account using their Credit Card, ACH deposit via checking account, Western Union or Wire Transfers.

There are no fees associated with this account except if you leave your account dormant for over 90 days. If you hold a balance of $500.00 or more you will earn 2% interest.

StormPay – StormPay allows anyone with an email address to send or receive money. They accept Visa, MasterCard, e-check, money orders and more. No fees whatsoever and Instant Payments.

Trustly is safe, secure and gives you instant access to the online casino’s games. Best of all it is fast and easy to use, and is totally FREE.

To use Trustly and make a deposit to your Gaming Account now, all you need to do is provide the casino or bingo site the same information that appears on your checks, and they will send it to your bank the same way a store does when you write them a paper check: only the casino does it electronically.

Trustlyis a very convenient payment option, since you can make instant deposits using your bank account; the online gaming site will be able to send you refunds directly into your bank account. You can use this payment option only if you are located in Sweden.

ecoPayz – Fast and reliable online payment system. Use ecoPayz free of charge to purchase gaming credits.

Skrill– Purchase safely, in over 20 different currencies, when you use Skrilll. This is a great option for someone out of the US as they have so many currencies available.

Deposit/withdraw funds via credit card or bank transfer. Use your account to send/receive money to/from anyone with an email (also people who are not members yet. To send money costs around 1% and to receive it is FREE.

ACH – Some online bingo sites and gaming sites will do an ACH deposit directly from your checking account. These are very rare but something to look into.

PaySafeCard – provide consumers with an online payment mechanism that is private, secure, and accessible to those without credit or would prefer to remain anonymous.

You can fund your PaySafeCard account via online, telephone or even at some local stores such as grocery or retail stores and adding new locations weekly.

Wire Transfers – Yes, some online bingo and gaming sites still allow players to fund their accounts with Wire Transfers. There is usually a hefty fee associated with withdrawing funds via a wire transfer however and you will incur charges are on your end for the transfer as well.

Personal Check – Can you believe it? Some online bingo and gaming sites will take a personal check via postal mail but the wait time is lengthy.

Western Union – If you are in a bind and need to fund but do not have access to a checking account or visa/MasterCard, Western Union is a practical solution.

Be aware however that you will incur charges at the terminal for sending funds via Western Union.

With the many online depositing options available to us today, we should never be in fear about funding to play bingo.

As mentioned, the above online institutions guarantee your privacy and security to avoid identity theft. Again, I can only stress so much how important it is to keep a record of all your transactions and print out receipts for your deposits.

Keep your contact information up to date and be sure that your accounts that you use for depositing share the same personal identification as your online bingo site.