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80-Ball Bingo

You know when a Fun-size bag of chocolate treats is too small, but a bumper pack is just too big? Well 80 Ball bingo fills the gap between 75 Ball and 90 Ball and offers something new.

80 Ball is one of the newer games to come on to the market and learning how to play is as simple as working your way through an entire fun-size bag of chocolate goodies while watching a chick flick.

Simply put, it’s a mixture of the 90 and 75 ball games. It is sometimes referred to as shutter-board bingo because it was once played with these boards, which had little windows and shutters you closed over them, as the numbers were called. These days, it is almost always called 80-Ball online.

For something a bit different; the 80 Ball game is slightly shorter than the 90 ball variety and a little longer than the 75 ball game. It also offers a different way of winning; patterns are used on the card, just like in 75 ball bingo, with the only real difference being in the actual design of the play card.

The card is 4 rows x 4 columns, with each column in a different colour (red, yellow, blue and silver)

The numbers called are 1-80 and the game is made all the more interesting by the fact that patterns are able to be printed onto the cards, because it is a square grid. The patterns used may be the classic X, four corners (requiring you to mark off all four corners of the ticket), other letters, horizontal, diagonal or vertical, and of course the Full House (Coverall).

That said – almost all Bingo Clubs pay the most fab, top prizes to the first player of this game to mark all 4 corners of their card, which is the equivalent of the ‘Full House’ in the 90 Ball or 75 Ball game.

80 Ball Bingo Games

The 80 Ball Bingo is currently considered to be one of the latest fads and it managed to attract the attention of many internet bingo players.

This game is considered to be a hybrid made between the 90 ball bingo and the 75 ball-bingo and it’s becoming very fast one of the hottest game around since its popularity among bingo players continues to grow at a fast rate.

This game represents an excellent middle road for the players that enjoy playing the 75 balls Bingo and those that enjoy the 90 Bingo.

This way it manages to blend perfectly for both types of players. It offers the speed of the 75 ball, while at the same time it delivers the classiness of the 90 bingo hall.

This game is just as easy to play as any other form of online bingo. The 80 ballbingo game is a very simple game with simple rules and where you can use simple strategies to win.

All you have to do is to start by learning the basics and after that you are good to go and start having fun. The initial name of the 80 ball-bingo was “shutter board bingo”, but this name is no longer being used.

One of the best thing about the online version of the 80 ball-bingo is that it’s going to offer a wide range of patterns, which includes the classic X, the other alphabets, 4 corners, horizontal and the vertical lines are just a few that are more popular. Thanks to these patterns the game is going to feel more fun since there is a greater variety available.

Another important pattern that you can find at the 80 Bal Bingo Games is called the coverall, and it’s also known as the classic full house game. Here you will have to mark off all the numbers on the bingo card in order to win.

The call board that is currently used at the 80 ball bingo is very similar to the one that is being used at the 75 ball bingo, but there are a few small differences.

For example instead of 5 rows of 15 numbers, the 80 ball bingo call is going to have 5 rows of 16 numbers, out of the 80 numbers that are available in total. This means that the numbers are going to be divided into 4different groups of separate colors and they will be called at an interval of 20 numbers:

  • 1 to 20 – red color
  • 21 to 40 – yellow color
  • 41 to 59 – blue color
  • And 60 to 80 – Silver

The 80 ball bingo game is played mostly in the same way as the other similar variations, since the numbers are going to be called randomly while the players must mark them off on the card.

The games are going to be available as guaranteed or progressive jackpots. The 80 ball bingo has started to drastically increase its popularity thanks to the fact that more and more bingo sites have started to accept this variant of bingo and thanks to the fact that it pleases two different types of players at the same time.