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30-Ball Bingo

30 ball bingo is one of the most recent additions to online bingo. It’s played on a 3 x 3 bingo card (with 9 squares), it is called 30 Ball because – as the name suggests, 30 numbers are called during the game!

Because this game has the fewest numbers called of all the Bingo games (and the fewest numbers of squares you need to mark off) 30 Ball bingo is the fastest, punchiest game out there.

This means the games are played in a much shorter time, you can play many games in an hour, and manage a multitude of cards to boot! All in all, you know what that means – more happy winners in the end!

Because the pace of the game is so speedy, it is often called the Speed Bingo game. And is for some the preferred game of choice because the probability of winning the progressive jackpot in a Speed Bingo game is much higher than winning the Progressive Jackpot in 75 and 90 ball bingo versions (as you only have to match 9 numbers).

The colossal popularity of this newer style of game hiked up the jackpot amounts offered in 30-ball games – drawing even more bingo players to the game.

Unlike 75 Ball and 90 Ball, 30 Ball doesn’t offer any mixture in terms of bingo card patterns, the only winner of the game is a Full House winner, (Full House being when you cover all the numbers on the square), that said, if the popularity of the game continues to escalate at the rate it has been, its entirely possible that the operators will conceive new pattern-versions of the game!

30 Ball Bingo Games

30 ball bingo is the latest way to play bingo on the internet. The most recent trend to hit the Online bingo scene, 30 ballbingo the fastest version of bingo since it has the fewest numbers of all variations.

This feature makes 30-bal bingo highly gripping and entertaining for those who like to play extremely fast paced bingo Games. The huge fan following of this game stems from the fact that it offers an even quicker alternative for those who hate to wait.

As these games are played at a very high pace, 30 ball-bingo is often referred as Speed Bingo. And is for some the favored game of choice because the odds of winning the jackpots in 30 ball or speed bingo is much greater than in 75 and 90 bingo versions, since you only have to mark off 9 numbers.

How to play 30 ball bingo

30 ballbingo is played on a 3×3 bingo card with a maximum of 9 numbers called per game. This means more games per hour and, needless to say, more winners!

A smart adaptation of the much loved game, this game is perfect for those who fancy winning a jackpot, but can’t play for long. With its quick turnaround and higher number of winners per hour, 30 bal bingo will make the adrenaline rush through your veins.

Since its introduction, 30 ball-bingo has developed a worldwide following, and the increase in number of players spending time on these sites is a testament to growing popularity.

Whether these players are trying the game to please their curiosity is yet to be seen, but for now as the players interest is rising, Canadian bingo operators are hiking up the jackpot value to attract more players.

Variety of patterns

As compared to 75 and 80 bingo, 30 ballbingo offers a limited variety of patterns for players. But as the appeal of this game lies in its brevity, we cannot expect it to convert into month-long tournaments as any regular game of bingo.

Online bingo players are more experimenting in nature and the new versions and patterns of bingo have always fascinated them.

The evolution of traditional bingo into this new version shows how a game that started centuries ago can still be updated and adapted for modern bingo players.

We would like to assume that players who are presently enjoying 30 bal bingo will continue to play, even after the novelty factor subsides, only for the sake of having options further built up in the due course.

The more the players invest in such games, the more likely the operators are to come up with new forms, thus broadening our options to play incessantly.