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Best Bingo Games – join in the Bingo Fun

There is only one real Bingo game you will be used to playing if you have ever visited a UK Bingo club and that is the classic game of 90 Ball Bingo.

This variant uses 90 Bingo balls that are drawn out and you will be given a ticket or tickets that have fifteen numbers printed on it.

As you can imagine the number of different permutations of fifteen numbers from the possible ninety numbers means that you are going to be given a unique ticket that has numbers unique to you printed up on it.

The Bingo caller will then start calling out numbers one at a time and often these numbers will have a nick name attached to them such as clickety click (66) or two little ducks (22) or even legs eleven (11).

One site where you can play the UK’s best bingo game is of course Costa Bingo who would love to see you as their latest new online Bingo player.

Chat Bingo Games

There is however one Bingo game that you can only play online and it has to be a great way of meeting new Bingo friends online and this is by taking part in a Bingo Chat game.

Bingo chat games use the type of Bingo variant known as 75 Ball Bingo which uses just 75 Bingo balls and the Bingo ticket has numbers presented in a grid format with 5 numbers in 5 different rows.

This allows for a great many different patterns to be put into play.

Bingo Chat games utilize the Bingo chat room of the respective Bingo site where you are playing at and once you take part you will be taking instructions from a CM (Chat Master) who is your Bingo Host, he or she will then alert you to what type of playing pattern you will be playing for before each new game starts.

You then have to use the Chat room facility to claim your extra, additional prize by typing in House, Bingo or whatever other word or words the CM instructs you too! You can also interact with your fellow players via this Chat room and have a gossip and wish each other Good Luck or well done as you play and win.

One site where you will find plenty of these popular Bingo chat games is the highly respect BingoZino site who currently have some very juicy welcome and ongoing Bingo bonuses up for grabs.

Get yourself over to their website for full details of these promotions and to join in the Bingo fun and games.