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Top 5 Great Secure Online Bingo Tips

A lot of people are always under the worry that the Internet is full of hackers who are looking to break in and corrupt their computer or steal their credit card number. However, playing online Bingo on the web poses no real security risk, as long as you follow these simple rules.

Make sure that the online bingo site you’re considering is legitimate. There are some gambling sites run by dubious people, who, in various circumstances might even try selling you the Brooklyn Bridge.

There are others that maybe disorganised that it’s almost impractical to sort through all the passwords, registration numbers, and web pages; and in the event if you do win a prize, you might not see it for months (if at all) due to disorganised webmasters.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any “Better Business Bureau” which specialises in online Bingo, particularly when it comes to bingo sites that request you for the credit card number to start playing. Of course this problem doesn’t happen with the “free bingo” sites offered by the big boys of the web.

If you have any doubts about a paid Bingo site, check if the proprietors address the issues of privacy and security. A lot of websites post “Privacy Policy” statements or descriptions of the security measures they use.

Take time to visit online Bingo forums to see whether anyone has been reported of getting ripped off – A good place to start is the Unlucky for Some bingo forum which offers a feedback column where players can report their problems.

Don’t give out your password to anyone. Always pick a unique password in order to protect your account – A password that would be difficult to guess. Even if you forget it, it doesn’t matter; most sites will give you a hint or the option to receive the password via a private e-mail address.

Beware of online bingo websites that promise big money. Just remember – If it’s too good to be true, it most likely is. Never give out your credit card number, unless protected by a trusted security authority.

Experienced online Bingo players can tell you many stories about prizes that never arrived and online accounts which weren’t credited on time, if they ever were. Look for free games.

It’s better to stick to popular websites that promise fun first and prizes for little or no investment on your part. This way – Even if they don’t keep their word, you can just move on a little wiser.