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Online Bingo –What’s It All About?

Posted on October 24, 2011 by

Bingo used to be considered the ultimate pensioner past-time. The elderly would flock to bingo events held at the local community centre and have a few hours of good, wholesome fun. These days bingo is increasingly popular with a new generation of players, thanks largely to a massive surge of online bingo rooms offered by many internet casinos.

In principle online bingo works just like regular bingo. You get yourself one or more bingo cards and mark the numbers off as they are called out – in online bingo the caller is replaced by a Ball Call Board. The first player to complete the bingo pattern wins the game.  To make your bingo experience even more fun internet bingo rooms are often offering 30, 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo, meaning you can alternate the kinds of bingo as you are playing to keep things even more interesting.

75 Ball Bingo
This type of bingo is particularly popular in the United States. In this game the players Bingo Card is divided in 25 squares in a five by five grid. The top row spells the word B-I-N-G-O, the lower rows hold the numbers. The column under the letter B contains numbers between 1 and 15, the I row is for numbers 16 to 30 and so on until the O row which is reserved for numbers from 61 to 75. The centre square of the card is left empty; this is called the ‘free space’. As the numbers from 1 to 75 appear on the board you mark them off on your card.

90 Ball Bingo
While the United States revolve around 75 Ball Bingo, the United Kingdom swears by the 90 Ball variety. A 90 Ball Bingo Card looks completely different from the 75 Ball cards. It is divided in 27 squares in a three by nine grid. The first row contains three random numbers between 1 and 9, the second row hold numbers from 10 to 19 and so on. However, the final row can contain an extra number, as it is set for numbers between 80 and 90. And – most importantly – not every square on the 90 Ball Bingo Card is assigned a number. Every horizontal row contains five numbers and four blank spaces. Vertical rows can contain three numbers, but it is a rare occurrence.
90 Ball Bingo can be won in three different ways:
– mark off all five numbers in a horizontal row
– mark off two entire rows (horizontal or vertical) on one card
– mark off all fifteen numbers on one card

Aside from offering the variety of various types of bingo, online bingo rooms also frequently offer a function known as ‘auto marker’, which is particularly handy when you are playing more than one card at once or are a beginner at the game. The auto marker marks off your numbers as they come up, save-guarding you against missing a number in the heat of the moment.

Bingo is predominantly a communal activity and – against popular believe – online bingo is no exception to this rule. Players are connected through a communal chat room and are encouraged to have conversations during their games, making the internet bingo experience all the more authentic.

If you feel like online bingo might be the game for you, check out Online Casino UK for a directory of the best online bingo rooms available. But no matter where you choose to play – remember to have as much fun as possible. In the end, fun is what bingo is all about.


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